Monday, January 9, 2012

Freezer Burritos

You know those cheapo-reapo frozen burritos that you can buy at the grocery store and then just nuke in the microwave for a quick snack? I used to love those things. I ate a lot of them in high school and college, even though they are terrible for you and half the time made me feel gross. But they're so easy!   

Enter: Homemade Freezer Burritos, a brilliant idea from Budget Bytes!

I started with the shredded mexican beef I made previously.

I also defrosted some of my (Not) Refried Beans from my freezer.
Here's the picture from the last time I made them, as I didn't take a picture this time. 

And started assembling my burritos on some flour tortillas!

Shredded Beef:


Refried Beans:

Cheese (I used my favorite, pepper jack):

Rolled up:

And over:

And then flipped closed:

I also made a couple breakfast burritos, with leftover scrambled egg whites and bacon from earlier in the day: 

I wrapped the first one in parchment paper and labeled. However, this turned out to be the end of my roll. Oops! 

I then tried wrapping a couple in plastic wrap, but wasn't a big fan of that (harder to label). Most of them got wrapped in foil. Just gotta remember to remove the foil before microwaving, of course! 

I ended up with nine burritos before I ran out of tortillas. (Not very good planning on my part!) 

But these are now in the freezer and just waiting for lazy hunger to strike. :)

I'll let you know how they taste once it does!


  1. How long do you cook these? And do you pop them in the microwave? ~Jillian

    1. I microwave them for one minute on each side.