Saturday, January 21, 2012

Freezing Omelette Ingredients

I feel like omelettes are one of the healthiest "big breakfast" items to make. (As long as you don't go too heavy on the cheese. We also use just egg whites, to cut down on the cholesterol.) 

The problem is that dicing all those veggies can kind of be a pain. This morning, as I was making omelettes, I decided to chop some extras and freeze them for later. 

I thought about freezing a mixture of them together in packets for an individual breakfast, but that would take way too many bags. Plus, I'm not entirely sure what the consistency will be of each of the ingredients, so I thought it best to keep them separate in case one turns out to be a disaster.

The one that I was the most concerned about was the diced tomatoes. Since tomatoes can be pretty juicy, I knew that it would likely freeze into one big brick. My attempt to combat this was to run them through my strainer. I hope it works!

Once I had them all packed up, I put them together into a bigger ziplock bag. (And made a typo when labeling it. Oops!)

I did also shred some cheese from a block, but for some reason just put it into my fridge instead of these freezer packs. I've heard that freezing cheese works well too, so I will probably end up packing up some of that to this bag to join the veggies (yes, and fruit - I didn't forget about you, Mr. Tomato!).

I'll update this post with results when I make my next omelette, but I'm expecting good things!

What is your favorite healthy breakfast?


  1. Really excited to eat these!

  2. Replies
    1. Not the greatest. Like I feared, they were pretty much one big chunk. I am still freezing the other ingredients and making omelet scrambles almost daily, though! It's SO much easier to not have to chop stuff up every time.

    2. Oh, and I do freeze shredded cheese now, too! It works great.

  3. Great idea! Have you frozen fresh spinach?

  4. Why did you post attempted efforts with no outcome? This was a waste of bandwidth. You provided no useful information.